Puzzle Creation

Or in other words, the lack of said thing.

The ideas for my puzzles come exceedingly rarely, which is kind of weird. I see all of the other puzzles that different people can create, and see the little tricks that pop up in each of them. On the other hand, my ideas will just sometimes pop up, and I would be able to hopefully create a puzzle which uses that idea really well.

That brings me to my second issue. I can’t seem to actually finish making puzzles sometimes. Maybe if I’m terribly bored, I’ll create something like a Liar Cipher Fillomino, but I typically don’t end up having such patience or focus to do something like that. This same issue is getting pretty blatantly obvious with what’s happening with Kinda Experimental Game, as I really want to finish the game, but I can’t seem to get myself to just work on it for a hour or something.

In general, things that absolutely demand my focus (osu!, various contests) will have me paying attention to them for long periods of time (maybe not osu!), while other small things (homework) will eventually get put aside for things in the above category. Even though osu! is completely optional and I could put it off to the side. As you can see, this gets me into a lot of trouble at school.

I guess being aware of this fact is a good thing, though the fact that it still persists anyways is pretty bad on my part. For example, instead of making this post right now, I should be working on my English homework which was due, but is not due until 11:59:59 pm (our school likes this timestamp a lot).

Anyways, I’m done ranting (?) for now. This post sure went off on a somewhat related but not related planned tangent.

And someone please bug me to make a Fillo or finish KEG planning.

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2 Responses to Puzzle Creation

  1. betaveros says:

    I know that feel about not having puzzle ideas. On the other hand: mass mayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyhem

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