First time with 2 posts on 2 consecutive days I believe?

Its a very limited space to describe yourself. If you want readable text, you are automatically limiting the amount of space you have, as the sheer amount of space said text uses up is absurd. Nevertheless, I find myself unable to determine what to use with a bunch of empty space sometimes. For example, while I was able to fit my Pokemon of the day in quite nicely, it took me a long time to decide what to place in the bottom half of the picture.

On the other hand, some avatars just are comprised of the face of a character or something like that. It’s much more detailed usually, and still results in some sort of expression of a person. The difference is that the expression is that of a single character rather than that of maybe a bunch of things combined together.

I also see some gifs as avatars. They’re cheating.

Ideas for pictures are hard to come by in general. I volunteered to make a t-shirt design for our math club, but even after polling the people around our table about ideas, there only ended up being one, which everyone immediately rejected (not everyone who does math competitions knows what barybashing is). While I seem to have no problems in coming up with topics to write about for this blog, I am at the same time completely unable to come up with ideas for pictures. Maybe I’ll make something pretty, but as always, pictures are hard to make. Especially if I have to hand draw them.

I should make weekly posts to improve my writing skills.

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