This is also the 100th tweet

Here is my attempt to make this thing become weekly.

While I was initially going to hopefully come up with what would become my senior quote and my insightful final tweet at the same time, I was unable to come up with it before making this post. It still leaves an extra week for me to decide on this clearly important matter.

The entire process of even having a senior quote in the first place is quite strange. Imagine if someone came up to you one day, and asked “If you could say one thing that would stick in the minds of 2 people, what would it be?” Do you want to give someone sage advice to power them into the future? Maybe have that one sentence show who you are? Or just troll around and put a link to a WP page/post? Well, I guess the last item can’t really be said aloud, making the analogy fail, but you get the point.

I’m sure there’s also some statements which won’t be allowed on the other hand. I mean, if someone decided to have “*************” as their senior quote, nobody would probably want to read it. Hopefully there shouldn’t be this type of issue in our school though, as it tends to be a place where people are “nice” to each other, and where people feel comfortable leaving their stuff outside. The reason for “nice” might be covered in a later post.

So meanwhile, I must use my imagination to come with a quote. And possibly something else too. Probably one person knows what I mean by that.

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