End of Act I

Attempt at revival!…

I dreaded the time graduation was approaching. You have to show up an hour ahead of time, with the large graduation gown which I almost tripped on a couple of times, before sitting in the sun for a few hours while messing around with the tassel that keeps on hitting your face. At least I didn’t have to wear a suit, which could only cause more discomfort.

Strangely, while I was standing in the front of the stage, receiving my diploma (I didn’t destroy it… yet…), I wasn’t excited at all. Instead of being all happy about leaving high school permanently, I was considering the train wreck of a schedule that I had for the next few days. It reminded me of the exact feeling I had when I was reading my college acceptance letter: Yup. It just happened.

Some time passed before I realized that I would no longer be seeing most of my friends on a regular basis ever again. While some people I know will probably be situated on the other side of my dorm (probably), other friends will be stuck on the other side of the country. While I am still here for most of the summer, instead of being stuck in a cubicle, it will be mostly just delaying the inevitable.

And so yearbooks were invented for this reason. With my one and only yearbook of high school, I am able to see what happened at school, remember the people that I will have trouble seeing again, and learning that certain people existed in the first place. At the same time, the white space that is provided in the back of the book serves an interesting purpose for me. It’ll probably remain blank, largely due to my laziness of going around asking everyone to spend time. Hopefully I’ll still remember everyone by the end of Act II.

That still leaves the problem of me still leaving my words for others though. Therefore, instead of writing illegible words on objects that can be lost, I’ll just leave my words here instead.

(Real names used here. If anyone reading this wants me to obfuscate their name, tell me. In addition, if you see this and I didn’t mention you, it’s probably by accident. Poke me or something. (And no, not people like you chao.))

First, to Rahul. We met somewhere in elementary school, but I have no idea when. It was the time of our lives when we were taking out the garbage for the school daily, because there was no better way to waste our time. Throughout these years, you’ve basically helped me not abandon all my homework altogether. Even though I still managed to throw away all the free points, I would have probably gotten largely 0’s if it wasn’t for you. It was probably quite frustrating, and I clearly haven’t gotten much better at organizing since then. I guess I’ll have to figure this all out again next year, don’t I?

Next: Vikram. I know for a fact that I once really hated you for some reason. It was probably my ego getting to me at that time, but for the longest time, I just could not stand being with you. I would make a conscious effort to avoid you. That has clearly changed by this point in time, though I started to avoid you again for a completely different reason. On the other hand, I always used you for comparison, in an effort to become the best at [insert goal here]. While grades obviously didn’t fall under this, I eventually managed to win in basically everything that wasn’t important.

Kevin: Start talking please. It’ll be good for you, I promise. While I acknowledge the fact that you talk quite a bit in the company of all the math people, beyond us, your existence is mostly a mystery. Maybe you should open up a bit? It can’t possibly be a good idea to always not talk, or just in general, abstain from giving information. You’ll have quite some time next year to do whatever you want, without the standard obstacles getting in the way. Try some stuff out! To start, maybe you should try doing something over the summer :3

Varun: Your quite intimidating, but I wouldn’t put that down as a bad thing either. During the times where I am simply unable to talk for some reason, you manage to provide the words that I would not be able to say. (Ex. HPI shenanigans) Your harsh (but true) comments are also a welcome change of pace compared to the usual setting of skirting around subjects.

Richard: Thanks for starting the trend that would lead me to being SUPER ANNOYED all the time. Fortunately I probably don’t have to deal with whatever is coming to me anymore. Even though I’ve forgotten how we met (which applies for basically everyone on this list), it’s quite amusing to be able to derp around without having to worry about too much. Of course, until I realize I still haven’t done my homework yet.

Brian: Did you finally fix the bell schedule yet? Maybe the power converter blew up the schedule with it, and nobody noticed until just now? At least we managed to score a non zero number of points this year! I’m still absolutely terrible at writing, and my speaking skills probably haven’t gotten much better considering how I’ve been taking some of your word choices and thought processes into my own recently. Though random conversations are always fun to have, since they lead to the most arbitrary things possible.

Last for now: Jeremy. Thanks for continuing the trend that would lead me to being SUPER ANNOYED all the time. You probably ended up spending the most time out of everyone I listed trying to bug not only me, but the person above you on this list as well. I look forward to the next great idea you come up with in order to bug everyone, though you’ve never disappointed so far. You’ve basically managed to annoy everyone at some point in time, even your teachers for not turning in your homework. Though I’m not really one to speak about that.

I guess that’s it for now. Hopefully graduation isn’t the last time I’ll be seeing you guys this summer. Though knowing me, I’m absolutely terrible at planning out any events at all. At least I tend to give a notification more than 1 day in advance…



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