Day 2: Welcome to Genso- Tokyo!

Disclaimer: It’s really late, and I really want sleep so I can play some SDVX tomorrow. It’s going to be apparently raining quite a bit, but hopefully I can beat a 13 tomorrow. Bullet-like list follows.

I used my parents camera today, since I really wanted to take better pictures.

Also moving my legs is quite painful.

1. Eientei Imperial Palace: For anyone that’s read Accel World, the unreachable part of this place is mentioned quite a bit. There’s a couple of somewhat interesting things here too in the public part (previous residence of shogun apparently)


First is this really nice outlook at some really cleanly cut grass. Not much to say about it.


We also another garden-ish place, with a bamboo forest garden also right next to it.


2. Hakurei Meiji Shrine: Here’s a cool picture of an arch. We also visited the shrine again, but to pay respects to the emperor, we weren’t supposed to take pictures on top of steps. Ended up just me forgetting to take pictures altogether.


3. Various Shopping Streets: What’s actually impressive about this is the fact that on top of the convoluted metro system shown previously, there’s an equally convoluted rail system on top of that. And the 2 systems work together. I also got something, but I’ll dump my everything I got into a final post at the end.


Anyways, that’s it. Relatively unexciting, but I need to figure out what Touhou/anime merchandise to buy eventually anyways. Also SDVX, since that’s amazing. Have a nice night time view from the hotel window this time.



Number of noodle shops visited: 3 (1 soba/udon, 2 ramen)
Number of shrines visited/seen: 3 (+1 temple)
Number of SDVX plays: 1 (no e-Amusement yet) (who cares about Project Diva and whatnot, SDVX is best game)



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