Day 3: Whoosh Whoosh Whoops

Used my parents camera again today. A lot more shopping SDVX and less sightseeing today.

We first visited Sunshine City in Ikeburuko today (still in Tokyo btw. Tokyo is huge. It’s actually just a bunch of cities that decided to call itself Tokyo.) More specifically, we visited…


A Pokemon store. My brother wanted to get something here, but he only ended up getting a Pikachu wearing a Charizard costume. I couldn’t find any Skymin/Pichu/w/e pokemon there. In fact, other than Latios, Latias, and the one from whatever the new movie is, there’s basically only starter pokemon there.


Then we went to the Ginza area, where my parents bought a bunch of stuff. I just played Cytus while overlooking the buildings here.


After lunch (sushi), we went to the Nakano Broadway. There was a notable absence of anything Touhou related here, though I found lots of vocaloid/love live/shounen series figures/magazines/younameit here. I’m still looking for something like a plush from some series I actually care about, or something that isn’t a figurine (no idea if I’ll have space in my dorm for the next year).


The actual reason I cared about here was because of the presence of SDVX, round 2! I still am completely unable to find e-Amusement passes, so my song selection is still currently limited (as well as having to skip the tutorial every play). I did a normal start for my first play, ending up failing a 12 (highest possible difficulty to play on normal start without e-Amuse) due to not being able to hear the music. After I decided to use my earphones, I tried Skill Analyzer 4 (11-12) which was… interesting. My rate at the end of the 3 songs were 100->40ish->20ish->30ish. Keep in mind that songs get harder as you progress through the course. One sketchy pass later (with more Nears, specifically earlys than Criticals), I have unofficially cleared this course.

Finished the day with a stop at Shibuya, specifically to take basically one picture, before going back to our hotel.


This is our last day at this hotel, so I tried taking another picture outside our window, since it wasn’t raining that much in the night. Tomorrow is a trip to Kyoto, where we will probably visit more shrines than I will have SDVX plays for once.


Number of noodle shops visited: 4 (1 soba/udon, 3 ramen)
Number of shrines visited/seen: 3 (+1 temple)
Number of SDVX plays: 3 (no e-Amusement yet) (who cares about BeatStream and whatnot, SDVX is best game)

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