This is also the 100th tweet

Here is my attempt to make this thing become weekly.

While I was initially going to hopefully come up with what would become my senior quote and my insightful final tweet at the same time, I was unable to come up with it before making this post. It still leaves an extra week for me to decide on this clearly important matter.

The entire process of even having a senior quote in the first place is quite strange. Imagine if someone came up to you one day, and asked “If you could say one thing that would stick in the minds of 2 people, what would it be?” Do you want to give someone sage advice to power them into the future? Maybe have that one sentence show who you are? Or just troll around and put a link to a WP page/post? Well, I guess the last item can’t really be said aloud, making the analogy fail, but you get the point.

I’m sure there’s also some statements which won’t be allowed on the other hand. I mean, if someone decided to have “*************” as their senior quote, nobody would probably want to read it. Hopefully there shouldn’t be this type of issue in our school though, as it tends to be a place where people are “nice” to each other, and where people feel comfortable leaving their stuff outside. The reason for “nice” might be covered in a later post.

So meanwhile, I must use my imagination to come with a quote. And possibly something else too. Probably one person knows what I mean by that.

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First time with 2 posts on 2 consecutive days I believe?

Its a very limited space to describe yourself. If you want readable text, you are automatically limiting the amount of space you have, as the sheer amount of space said text uses up is absurd. Nevertheless, I find myself unable to determine what to use with a bunch of empty space sometimes. For example, while I was able to fit my Pokemon of the day in quite nicely, it took me a long time to decide what to place in the bottom half of the picture.

On the other hand, some avatars just are comprised of the face of a character or something like that. It’s much more detailed usually, and still results in some sort of expression of a person. The difference is that the expression is that of a single character rather than that of maybe a bunch of things combined together.

I also see some gifs as avatars. They’re cheating.

Ideas for pictures are hard to come by in general. I volunteered to make a t-shirt design for our math club, but even after polling the people around our table about ideas, there only ended up being one, which everyone immediately rejected (not everyone who does math competitions knows what barybashing is). While I seem to have no problems in coming up with topics to write about for this blog, I am at the same time completely unable to come up with ideas for pictures. Maybe I’ll make something pretty, but as always, pictures are hard to make. Especially if I have to hand draw them.

I should make weekly posts to improve my writing skills.

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Puzzle Creation

Or in other words, the lack of said thing.

The ideas for my puzzles come exceedingly rarely, which is kind of weird. I see all of the other puzzles that different people can create, and see the little tricks that pop up in each of them. On the other hand, my ideas will just sometimes pop up, and I would be able to hopefully create a puzzle which uses that idea really well.

That brings me to my second issue. I can’t seem to actually finish making puzzles sometimes. Maybe if I’m terribly bored, I’ll create something like a Liar Cipher Fillomino, but I typically don’t end up having such patience or focus to do something like that. This same issue is getting pretty blatantly obvious with what’s happening with Kinda Experimental Game, as I really want to finish the game, but I can’t seem to get myself to just work on it for a hour or something.

In general, things that absolutely demand my focus (osu!, various contests) will have me paying attention to them for long periods of time (maybe not osu!), while other small things (homework) will eventually get put aside for things in the above category. Even though osu! is completely optional and I could put it off to the side. As you can see, this gets me into a lot of trouble at school.

I guess being aware of this fact is a good thing, though the fact that it still persists anyways is pretty bad on my part. For example, instead of making this post right now, I should be working on my English homework which was due, but is not due until 11:59:59 pm (our school likes this timestamp a lot).

Anyways, I’m done ranting (?) for now. This post sure went off on a somewhat related but not related planned tangent.

And someone please bug me to make a Fillo or finish KEG planning.

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Puzzle 6: Circles and Arrows

Sashikabe. Unfortunately, since I’m too lazy to create the rules myself, use this instead.

I had to change the formatting of my puzzles due to the fact that Excel won’t cooperate with arrows. Not to mention the fact it took quite a while to make a circle.

I guess its medium?

Puzzle 6: Sashikabe

Puzzle 6: Sashikabe

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Puzzle 5: New Title Scheme


I feel that some puzzles require fancier titles than just the type of puzzle, and thus title. The caption under the pic stays the same though.


Puzzle 5: Nurikabe

Puzzle 5: Nurikabe

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Categories and Tags

I was lazy for quite a while, and not categorizing all the posts I made. But after that, there’s tags. The long standing question (for me): what tags should I place for each post?

I’ll also probably do a site overhaul once I’ve created 10 puzzles (whenever that is). This includes renaming my blog, redefining some categories, adding some new pages, and changing the aesthetic look of my blog.

…I just realized I have yet to make a (real) speech, thus the need for an overhaul.

But first, lemme get some puzzles out. I’m typically aiming for some quality similar to that of P2 and P3, though the difficulty may vary.

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Puzzle 4: Fillomino

Fillomino. No special rules.

Easier and of lower quality than my previous puzzles.

Puzzle 4: Fillomino

Puzzle 4: Fillomino

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